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Pearl Diving, Doha, Qatar

Before the discovery of oil in 1939, Qatar was a maritime nation dependent on trading, fishing and the hunting of natural pearls for its revenue.  But pearl diving, in particular, was difficult and dangerous work.

*Film clip from the National Museum of Qatar.  Music by Dmitry Diomores.

A cozy spot to read in Koh Phangan, Thailand

While at the Wonderland yoga retreat, I loved to settle in a cozy spot after lunch to read.  One day I took a break from reading to enjoy the gentle rain in this lush, tropical setting.  

Monkey feast at the monkey sanctuary in ubud, bali

I think he thought I wanted some of his monkey feast.  Hmmm.   Actually, I think there was some fruit in there.

Where the Buffalo Roam...in Vietnam

A family of buffalo were meandering down the road of a hilltribe village in Sapa Valley.  "Follow me," said the mother to her son and little daughter.

Hoan Kiem Lake in Hanoi

Stopping to watch a juggler along side a rather large lake in the center of Hanoi, I almost got hit by a scooter.  But it was well worth it. 

Happiest of Holidays From Chiang Mai, Thailand!

The frenzied pace and the high expectations we put on ourselves during the holidays can drain us of energy and wreak havoc on our emotions, and the spirit of the season is lost.  Hopefully, this will help calm us down. If only for a moment.

Boys from my hood

There was  a private boys school on the street where I stayed in Shinjuku, Japan, and everyday I would see  boys walking to and from school. They were always laughing and seemingly up to mischief.

Ameya yokocho street, Japan

I was walking around Candy Store Alley (better known as the Ameya Yokocho Street Market), and I was eating pineapple on a stick?!