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Images of croatia

Balcony With a View


While a couple sat comfortably on their balcony in Split, hundreds of tourists mingled in the square below them.  I appeared to be the only one aware of their existence.


A 30-minute bus ride from the bustling, touristy town of Split was the village of Kastel Stari where one could stroll the quiet, stony streets in solitude.


The Kamerlengo  Castle was built by the Republic of Venice in the 15th century.  Today it is nothing more than an empty shell.....but the perfect spot for summer concerts in the village of Trogir....a 20-minute bus ride from Kastel Stari!

A Day in the Life


I always did love laundry day.


This collection of messy pots and plants was so charming.  And then in the midst of it all was Mona Lisa. 


I felt a bit pressured to buy this woman's produce one morning at the market.  But I guess that's all part of the color.  Or, in this case, lack of.

images of Doha, Qatar

The Dhows of Qatar


Before the discovery of oil in Qatar, dhow boats were used for pearl diving, fishing and the transporting of goods. Today they exist along the Corniche in Doha for coastal island touring.


These young boys from the '50s were on their way to school in a downtown section of Doha known as Msheireb. 


Sheikh Mohammed bin Jassim Al-Thani was the founder of the State of Qatar. He had a total of 19 children, all male. He reigned for 10 months and then abdicated in favor of his Brother Sheikh Abdallah bin Qassim. His brothers (it was usually a family affair) appointed him Prince of Doha until his death in 1971.

Images from singapore

The Chettiers of Market Street


The Chettiers were money lenders in Singapore during the time of British colonialism in Southeast Asia.  They were important to the economy because they were able to obtain credit from the British and then offer loans to small businesses, loans these businesses would not have been able to secure otherwise.  Originating from India, the Chettiers saw their moneylending practices as part of their Hindu religious duty.


There are a variety of  ethnic neighborhoods in Singapore where you can immerse yourself in many very beautiful cultures.  I was staying next to Little India, so I wandered there often.  I especially enjoyed the variety of spicy aromas emanating from the restaurants serving regional dishes from all over India. 


This gentleman was a security guard at one of the British colonial buildings located in the harbor district.  He was anxious to engage me in American politics, which has surprisingly happened quite often during my travels!

images from Bali

More Bali Rice Fields


Can't seem to get my fill of the Bali rice fields.  


Can't seem to get my fill of the women...


...who work them either.

Bali Beach Bodies


A sneaky camera makes for the best photos.


I'm the one behind the camera, not in front of it. 


Contemplating the Indian Ocean on a Bali tree trunk. That's not me either.

Images From Ho Chi Minh City Museums

The War Remants Museum and the Ho Chi Minh Museum


South Vietnamese forces followed these terrified children near southeastern Trang Bang after an aerial napalm attack on suspected Viet Cong hiding places on June 8, 1972.  One of the prints of this iconic photograph was hanging in the War Remants Museum in Ho Chi Minh, the former Saigon.


American POWs being released at the end of the Vietnam War.


Ho Chi Minh celebrating his birthday with a class of Vietnamese school children during happier times before the war.

Images of ho chi minh city, vietnam

The War Remnants Museum


 I was not aware of the fact the agent orange that was used during the Vietnam War was still impacting the births of children today.  Although this photo was taken in 1976, it shows the resultant destruction of one particular mango forest. While walking through this forest, the photographer came upon this barefooted boy amongst the trees where the soil would have still been contaminated with dioxin.


After her father returned from Vietnam, Jennifer, a 2-year old girl from Philadelphia, was born with a congenital deformation of her arm.


This mother was exposed to agent orange at the age of twelve.  At the age of twenty-five she gave birth to her son whose only arm was deformed and whose skin was beset with a chloracne-like rash.

Images of Sapa Valley, Vietnam

The Animals of the Hmong Hilltribe


I was pretty sure this Vietnamese pig had had enough of me.  "Get me outta here", I think I heard him snort.


I spotted a buffalo in one of the village buildings who I think was as curious about me as I was about him.


Then, for lack of another good black and white animal photo while in the village, I resorted to the notebook I'd bought in Chiang Mai, which had a tiger on it.

Images of Tokyo

Juice Bars and Buddhas


While buying some pineapple juice at a juice bar, I discovered the owner's father and brother were hanging out with her on a nearby bench.


 The infamous "White Buddha" from Pai. 


And the unknown wanna-be-Buddha from America.

I Love Black and White Photos


And it's my website.


So I can do what I want.

The Gardens of Rikugien


A beautiful 300 year old garden and the highlight of Makiko Fuse's airbnb "Sacred Garden Tour".


Umbrellas for the guests at Tokyo's Nezu Museum.


 Late night game of pool in Higashinakano.