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Art and architecture in Split, croatia

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Art and architecture in Kastel Stari, Croatia

Window Art


Down the narrow, stony streets  of Kastel Stari, you will find many window vignettes each telling its own little story.  "What....you don't like flowers?!" cried Goofy.


"Peak-a-boo," said the little spring flower.


"Let me out of this hell hole!" cried the voice from inside.


Museum of Islamic Art


 A lovely little collection of Bronze Ewers from Afghanistan, 9th Century. I love the whimsical look of this display!


An Arabic Earthenware Bowl, with slip painting,  from Iran, 10th Century.


A beautifully patterned Fritware Dish, with underglaze painting, from Turkey, 1520-1530.

Art and Architecture in Koh Phangan, Thailand

Secret Beach in Koh Phangan, Thailand


I traveled to Secret Beach every chance I got.  To me it was a place filled with art.  Casually perched on a rock by the sea was a beautiful mermaid sculpture.


Coolly stretched out on a cobalt blue towel by the beach was a relaxed shade-worshiper.  (One of the many things I loved about this well kept secret were the shady trees along the beach.)


I've got another secret....this piece of dog art I had actually seen in Bali but had run out of space on the Bali art page.  So I'm Including it here on a Thailand page.  Shhhhhh....

Art and architecture from Singapore

National Gallery in Singapore


Watercolor on paper titled "Kampong Scene" by Lim Cheng Hoe, 1960.


Self portrait by the artist, Lim  Cheng Hoe.


"I believe I have confidence and what is more important, some talent, and with these, coupled with perseverance and industry, I am not afraid to say that I may make something of a painter."  -11 October 1930, Lim Cheng Hoe.

National Gallery in Singapore


A gelatin silver print on paper by Ho Koon Sang, 1956.


A woodblock print on paper titled "Satay" by Lim Mu Hue, 1966.  Note: Satay is a Southeast Asian dish of seasoned, skewered and grilled meat, served with a sauce.


A woodblock print on paper titled "Matchmaker" by See Cheen Tee, 1954.

National Gallery in Singapore


Oil on masonite board titled "Weaving" by Chen Chong Swee, 1952.


Oil on canvas titled "Artist and Model" by Liu Kang, 1954.


Gouache on canvas titled "Bali Beach" by Cheong Soo Pieng, 1956.

Art and architecture in Bali

Monkey Forest Sanctuary in Ubud, Bali


Yep.  I was surprised too.  Art in a monkey sanctuary?  But those monkeys can be mean little devils, so the art exhibit was a nice respite from the shenanigans going on outside.  


However, there were no posters, signs or even information about what any of this art was or who painted it.  So I've got nothin'.  


          Here's a monkey though. 

Grafitti #1


One morning on the way to the Sunday Market, I passed this work of art on a side street.  The scooter just happened to be in the right place at the right time.  Doesn't it look like she's about ready to flip it out of the photo?

Grafitti #2


I found this piece....

Grafitti #3


....as well as this one...on the way to a yoga class.

Art and Architecture in Hanoi, vietnam

Hanoi Art Gallery


I found this beautiful painting in a small gallery in Hanoi's city center.  I love the colors and its loose, bold style.

Gallery Poster


This was the poster advertising the artist's show, whose name I sadly don't know.  

Hanoi Kitty


Happily, I do know this little kitty's name.  It's Khanh Kitty.

Art and architecture in thailand

Fruits of Thailand


I love the fruits of Southeast Asia.  Not only are they incredibly delicious, but they are colorful and full of textures. They are nature's works of art.  The dragon fruit, pictured above, is one of several cactus species.  Mildly sweet, it's been described as a cross between a kiwi and a pear. The flesh is either white or red and contains small crunchy black seeds that, fortunately, are edible.

Passion Fruit*


The passion fruits are a type of berry and are either yellow or purple in color.  They are sweet and seedy and best eaten with a spoon due to their watery consistency. The seeds are bigger than those of a dragon fruit and thus even crunchier, which I love. 

*Note: This is one of my favorite fruits!



The longkong, also known as langsat or lanzones, can taste either sweet or sour, and there's no way of knowing until you peel one open and pop it in your mouth.  I will say this much, however, it's always soft and juicy.

The Anantara Resort and Spa


It was my birthday.  So what does a birthday girl do for her birthday?  She splurges on an afternoon tradition Lanna Thai massage at a luxury resort and spa. Why of course!  As featured on the GOOP website: https://vimeo.com/301453094?utm_source=email&utm_medium=vimeo-cliptranscode-201504&utm_campaign=29220

The Spa


I was even given the choice of music to be played during my massage.  I chose  "Asian Harmony".  

The Restaurant


I had a mango smoothie (in keeping with a birthday girl's raw vegan diet) in the restaurant behind the hotel.

In Case You Were Wondering What a Tuk Tuk Looks Like...


 I found this one painted on the wall of a building at the Huay Kaew Arboretum.

Graffiti Art


This piece of art was on a wall in a back alley in the Old City of Chiang Mai.

More Graffiti Art


And this one was painted on the same wall a few pieces of art down. Notice her third eye?   She's one awakened kitty.

I'm Going To Call This Art Because To Me It Is.


I see this as "nature's sketch pad".

I'm Going To Call This Architecture.


This bamboo forest walkway is nature's grand entrance to the site of the 7 cottages where I stayed in Pai. (I only stayed in one of them.)

This Qualifies As Architecture Too.


This was a more intimate entrance to 6 of the cottages. The entrance to the cottage that stood alone was over a beautiful bamboo bridge.

The Thai Aesthetic


The entryways to the massage parlours in Thailand vary from the polished and refined, as pictured above, to the quaint and earthy, with nothing more than curtained-off mattresses on the floor. The masseuses are predominantly women, many of whom focus on metta (loving kindness), which is believed to be the ideal state of mind in which to give a massage. I have felt that loving kindness in every massage I have had.


Thailand is a country of contrasts all of which are beautiful in my eyes.


The Maya Lifestyle Shopping Center and its modern design reminds me of the many modern buildings I saw in Japan.